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Need for Engaging in Extra Marital Affairs in Life

Married couples often feel the need to go for extra marital affairs only because the spark and the bond in their relationship get weakened along with the other vital reasons. People develop the need of such affairs only due to lack of satisfaction and excitement in their married life. One such reason can be getting married at an early age like in early 20’s. By the time they reach mid 30’s, the enjoyment level goes down and carrying out the household duties becomes a monotonous routine. This procures them to get involved in extra marital affairs. This will offer them the thrill and excitement to date a new person in turn gaining an all new experience again.

Another reason can be that people often get married for inaccurate reasons like societal and family pressures. Such a marriage fails to build up the intimacy and intensity on a relationship. These differences among the partners after marriage are a good reason for either of them to get engaged in affairs. They might find their new dating friend to be better as compared to their current husband and so they get attracted towards the new person and land up in extra marital affairs. Sometimes, a person finds it difficult to deal with the bigger changes of life like unemployment, financial loss and death in the family. This makes either of the spouse move away from his/her partner, thus starting an affair outside.

Another major reason is being parents to a child, which brings in lot of changes in the relationship of husband and wife like changes in priorities, lack of time devotion to one another and changes in the living environment. Women get involved in being mothers and men feel unimportant as well as lost when they reach home. This diverts their mind to other unimportant things like extra marital affairs rather than supporting their wives or helping them in looking after the children. One of the common reasons behind such affairs is the dissatisfaction in terms of physical appearance of the spouse and arguments on small and not so important issues.

When the emotional bond among the partners disconnect, then they do get engaged in extra marital affairs. The reasons behind such disconnection are lack of communication and time with one another wherein partners stop showing each other that they care, share and express less as well as have nothing to say to each other. With the change in priorities and no similar interests left in a relationship, the partners start finding such things in another person. Other reasons leading to extra marital affairs include advancement in one’s career, financial difficulties and the need to bring back the spark and excitement in life.

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